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Reading Response D

Question: Do you still get/remember this feeling in high school – when you’re back in school after a long summer break and starts hand writing notes again in class and you feel just paralyzed?

Response: That’s one thing I thought about as I read Auberbach’s essay. I feel it relates to a lot of things I do. I also feel most of the time I have limited patience; I want things done faster, to be able learn things in a jiffy, therefore I would be able to learn more things. I think of myself as a fast learner, which I sometimes find a bit problematic; tending to jump from one thing to another without control. And talking about taking things slower… I got into a bike accident earlier last week and have been walking to school every day. Gives me a good 30 minutes of just thinking things through, planning out my day and it’s been giving me an ease of mind resulting to a more productive day. This needs to be applied to more aspects of my daily as well as design practice.